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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Our decorative baskets are design to add beauty in your living room and bedroom.These baskets are designed to be used in the living room and bedroom, to give the room a classic beauty and bring our the beauty of the room. The baskets come in different sizes and can serve the following purpose:

  • Use to store living room pillows and chair throw.We use decorative pillows and chair throw to add beauty on our chairs.We can use these decorative fur baskets to store these pillows and covers when we want to use our living room space and also when we have visitors.These baskets are smart storage solution and decorative accent.I use in my living room and bedroom and i love them.

  • Theses baskets can also be use to store small living room daily used items like remote control.

  • They can be use to keep new papers,magazines,bills and other papers for later use.

  • We can also use them as trash baskets for papers,line the inner basket with trash bag and that's it.

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