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Lemon Theme Dinning table

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

When we think of decorating with the theme "lemon" ,yellow or green comes in mind these are bright and bold colors. Today i'm designing a dinning table with theme "Lemon".After getting my theme i know the main colors in play,i think of neutral colors to go with,i also know where the focus is which is the table and then where neutral colors can fall.I start thinking of what goes on the table.The table will be bold and bright with lemon table wares and accessories on it,meanwhile the walls and other have cool neutral colors. Here i will use gold tone accessories and white to freshen things up.Lemon green or lemon yellow is a very beautiful way to brighten your kitchen,living room or dinning section. It brightens the area or room and helps brings out the beauty of that area. You can use fake lemons or real lemon to decorate,you can also use lemon design runners,lemon fabric mats,lemon wall arts,lemon tableware,lemon napkins,yellow /white curtains and so on.Also lemon yellow/green matches with white,that is a very good combination.

Below are pictures dinning table of decors we did.We carry some of the accessories in our online shop.

We carry these decorative baskets,the lemon towel,the place mat,the table runner and the fake lemons on our online shop.


Double side place mat


Table runner


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