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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Kitchen towels are towels that are durable, absorb fast, and are used for different functions in the house. There are so many different uses of kitchen towels and if not properly used they might harbor and breed bacteria thereby causing diseases. With many functions, it is good to have many kitchen towels to make it easy. You can go with different colors to distinguished which can be used where and for what. Try to distinguish your towels especially if you have kids and babies in the house as what you will use to clean their hand and mouth should not be towels you previously used to clean a cutter that you use to cut meat, just for safety. Example: you can use blue for hands, red for cleaning countertop, pantry, sink, Pink for drying dishes/use to clean a spill on the table when eating, Yellow to clean the baby's face, and so on.

Most bacteria in our kitchen are transmitted through our hands.

Uses of kitchen towel

  • Beautiful designs that bring out the beauty of your kitchen or dining table.

  • Absorb spill very well and faster.

  • Clean countertop, pantry, cooker top, and microwave.

  • carry hot objects

  • Dry our hand.

  • Dry dishes, pots, dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, and so on

  • Clean a toddlers face and eating surrounding

Don't with a kitchen towel

  • Don't use the same towel to dry your hands and dishes together. To prevent contaminating clean dishes with germs and bacteria from your hands.

  • Don't use a kitchen towel clean a surface that has been previously using to cut meat, fish or poultry. Cleaning after chopping or working with meat, poultry, or fish products with a towel is wrong as the towel posses the risk of cross-contamination. The liquid which contains bacteria will be trapped in the towel can spread to other food and even your hand. Use a paper napkin to clean the surface you are working on and trash the napkin immediately.

  • Don't use a kitchen towel to clean surfaces (countertop, pantry, and others) that may have harsh chemicals.Get a towel just for cleaning to avoid using either your dish towel or hand towel, when you mix the towels you contaminate yourself or dishes with chemical residues. You can use a paper napkin and trash immediately after use.

  • Don't use a kitchen towel to clean the sink. The sink is the second area that has the second-highest amount of germs and bacteria after the hands. Use a sponge or paper towel to clean the sink.

  • Don't toss your damp or used towels on your countertop. Remember bacteria grow on damp places, the towel would not dry quickly which makes it a good place for the bacteria to breed. Everything from that surface will transfer to the towel which will be transferred to your dishtowel or hand towel. At times we wash the towels immediately on the sink. Hang damp towels on the oven handle or a hook.

Buy as many towels as possible especially if you are a busy mum. Get a little storage basket for clean towels and another basket for dirty towels. We sell kitchen towels with matching baskets at Nesy, we got you covered. Our towels come with a matching basket to keep your towel clean and easy to be reached. Please if you have kids hide the basket of dirty towels far away. Make sure to wash the dirty towel after 3 days max. If a towel was in contact with meat, fish or poultry wash immediately. To be safe wash your kitchen towels frequently.

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