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How to Store your Jewelry

Jewelry can best be stored in a lined (with soft fabric) jewelry boxes or in a closet or drawer or in a string purse/bag. Store your jewelry on a cool dark place away from the sun.Keep your jewelry in a dry cool place.Where it is humid and there is sunlight is not a good place to store your jewelry

Keep your jewelry well organised for easy access to your everyday pieces.Jewelries designed for special occasions can be stored out of sight and protected from sunlight,dust,humidity and others.

Don't store your jewelry in a moist environment they will react with the water and will be damaged.Take them off before heading to bathroom or kitchen.

Store jewelry in individual clothe bags. Separate your jewelry in separate string fabric bags or compartment or boxes.This helps the necklaces not to tangle and break,not to scratch each other and so on.Also store pearls and opals in fabric bags as they need to breathe.

Coat costume made jewelry with clear nail polish to increase the life span.Also it will protect the jewelry from tarnishing or turning your skin green.

Store beaded necklaces flat because the stretch over time.