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Floppy Hats For Ladies.

By dictionary definition, a floppy hat is a fabric pull-on hats, usually worn with the top flopped down. Floppy hats come in a variety of styles and materials. These hat shades the face and shoulders from the sun during summer, adds warmth on your head and hair when it is cold during winter depending on the material of which it is made. They are made of different materials for different seasons and that makes floppy hats all-season hats. Women wear hats to be stylish or elegant. We have a stylish selection of floppy hats, unique and custom made.

Floppy hats are some of the most common hats worn in public today because they are stylish and also the function they play.

Cap off your outfit with floppy hats, it adds elegance and fits all outfits.

The floppy straw hats provide sun protection making it a summer must-have. As mention above floppy hat comes in different variety of materials; wool and felt materials are hats to keep your head warm when it is cold.

We carry unique high-quality women's floppy hats. These add class to your every outfit.

These are some floppy hats we carry at Nesy. Please check our online store for new arrivals and designs.

Women have various reasons for wearing floppy hats, to me wearing hats signifies the following.

  1. Fabric floppy hats represent power and authority.

  2. Adds elegance and class to your outfit.

  3. Wool floppy hats keep you head warm during winter.

  4. Straw floppy hats protect you from UV rays.

  5. Fabric hats are worn for modesty and religious reasons.

  6. Fabric floppy hats are good for summer weddings.

Please remember removing hats indoor is a sign of respect. Remove your hat and hold it in an elegant and stylish way as you greet and discuss with others.

Now top off any outfit with a stylish floppy hat for Nesy.


Nesie Njamnsi

Owner and lead designer for Nesy



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