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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

A luxurious Woman is a beautiful, successful, and powerful woman that is living the life she likes. She is a woman who has a distinctive luxurious personality. Everywoman is Beautiful but deeply she needs to believe she is, she needs to be confident enough for that to happen. Confidence is something she has to have or develop and when she has that confidence, she will not want approval from others or wait for others to tell her she is beautiful. With confidence you can achieve what you want, we all need confidence.

Beauties, be proud of who you are, accept yourself the way you are, and shine on. Live like you are the sun or like you are the Queen of the universe, love yourself, and have respect for others.

Think of who you want to be and cultivate habits to attain that, work on yourself, and your every move and action. Be disciplined in everything you do, from your thoughts to your actions. Build a personality in you that you call a luxurious woman. Develop a distinctive luxurious personality.


  1. Write down all the characteristics of a luxurious woman.

  2. Start immediately implement them.

  3. Start acting like one.


  • Love themselves and practice self-love

  • They are discipline

  • They exercise and eat well.

  • Love personal hygiene

  • They smile

  • They love and respect everyone

  • They invest in themselves (their progress through learning)

  • They shop smart.

  • They help others

  • They have patience and are persistent


  1. Talk: Observe the way they talk, always soft and respectful. They are very positive, you can be positive by listening to positive affirmations or scripting positive affirmation. 

  2. React to situations: They are calm and poise when reacting to every situation. They focus on solutions instead and accept the blame.

  3. Walk: They have a beautiful way of walking. 

  4. Lifestyle: They have a disciplined lifestyle. Define a healthy lifestyle and stick to it

  5. Location/ Neighborhood: Avoid low education rate neighborhoods, as crime rates will high and they will be trashy behaviors around that can influence yours.

  6. Dress: Dress responsible and classic as it helps build your confidence and with confidence, the sky is the limit for you.

  7. Shop: Shop for durable unique pieces and be smart. Don't waste money that is stupidness not luxuries

  8. Health: Exercise, eat rightly, and meditate. With good health you can achieve whatever you want, feed the body rightly. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

  9. Personal hygiene: Bath at least once a day (two a day is healthy), brush your mouth at least twist a day (and whenever going out), Take a bath before and after sex...

  10. Home: Clean, decorate, and organize your home.


When you look beautiful, your surrounding is clean and beautiful your feel luxurious. Helping Beauties and their surroundings look luxurious is our job at Nesy. When you look luxurious you become confident or add your confidence. Jewelry makes a woman looks prestigious, wealthy, beautiful, and so on. Use jewelry and accessories to look luxurious. Jewelry transform and ordinary outfit to extraordinary. When a woman is well dressed, she is very ready for business and higher achievements. You can buy ready to go unique pieces or you can custom order your pieces to suit your style at Nesy.

There are pieces of jewelry for special occasions that make you not only look luxurious and not only that you inspire others to love and take care of themselves. Nesy has those pieces at an affordable rate.

Also decorate your house with beautiful decorative pillows, chair throw, bed throw, and flowers.

Decorate with giant flowers, we got you covered at Nesy. We make large custom flowers for homes and special occasions. At Nesy you can place your order telling us the color and how big you want your item to be.

Decorate your walls with beautiful floral arts, one of a kind 3D artwork from Nesy.

Let your kitchen be well organized, clean, have all the basics and a welcoming space. Wear an apron to protect your nice outfit and have as many napkins to maintain good hygiene around the kitchen. Nesy has stylish durable aprons to make you look presentable and luxurious while cooking your healthy meals.

Nesy carries luxurious items or items that make you look a million-dollar, we love unique and stylish products.

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