As a mother, small business coach, and a small business owner, I have lots of respect for Mothers and I personally know what Mothers go through. Mothers are the main pillar for their children and the foundation of every solid family. As the saying goes

"God could not be everywhere so he made Mothers" By Rudyard Kipling

"Mother is Gold"

Our way TO SUPPORT WOMEN OR giving back is to THE COMMUNITY IS TO support ARTISAN Women OWNED small business.

  • We will like to support artisan women that have small business and artisan stay at home mom with home base businesses.

  •  We will order craft wholesale products from them and retail as "Private Label",  We will retail your products as well as resell them wholesale.

  •  We will also use your products to make ready to go gifts for women and sell.

  •  We will do the advertisement of your products at least once a week through a live video or a post/ blog.


Why am I doing this? 

I am a Mother, crafter, and sell online, so I know what it means to be a mother, trying to run a home base business to be financially stable.

Recently, we decided to add private labels or order from a manufacturer with our brand name on it to retail. After we thoroughly thought through it, we decided why not support women or struggle Mothers like myself who are trying to put food on the table, struggling to buy diapers, help their husbands financially, Mothers struggling financially...

 We decided to buy from women to retail or wholesale.

Read below and see if it is a good fit for you and contact us

Please send us an email telling us about your products:

  • why you made them,

  • how it helps women

  • Why is it different from others

  • Benefits

  • Pictures


  • Home Decoration

  • Accessories/ beauty products/Bath products/Bags

  • Kitchen Accessories

  • Food (must be dry like spices, muesli, energy bar, Granola, tea,)

 We don't accept Machine-made products and lotions for now.


  • Must be a WOMEN

  • Must be 18+

  • Your products must be handmade

  • Must also offer private label options.

  • Must sell wholesale.

  • Must be supportive of other women local/ small businesses.

  • We are a small business, you must support us as we support you so we grow together.

  • We will do a monthly selection, biweekly, and weekly with those whom we think are serious. If we noticed you are not serious you will not be reselected.

  • USA residences ONLY.



















 Email us

 "We rise by lifting others"

  Our Sisters, Mothers, girlfriends, Aunties, Daughters, Grandma


Nesie Njamnsi

Owner of Nesy / Coach/ Decorator/ Fashion accessory designer.


 Made In The USA by Women