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Head Flower / bud width or diameter and the prices per flower.
These flowers are made of Felt fabric.
The stem will be made in accordance with the bud.
 Bud of 5" ------- $10
 Bud of 10"  ------- $20
Bud of 15"--------- $25
Bud of 20"--------- $30
Special order 
Bud of 25"--------- $40
 Bud of 30"--------  $50
Bud of 35"--------  $70
Bud of 40"---------------$80
NB: We create flowers up to 40" in diameter,if you need a special order,let us know. We also just make just headflowers for same prices just indicate on you order form.
Colors Available
Pink, baby pink, blue, purple, yellow, brown, orange, mint, cream white...
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